I studied Foundation Art and Spatial Design at Bournemouth College of Art back in the eighties.

Me! Back in the day.
Me! Back in the day.

I’ve always had a passion for patterns, nature and colour……which to my mind lend themselves to the medium of Printmaking very nicely.

I like all aspects of Printmaking but especially enjoy relief printing and linocuts.

‘Botanical’ has naturally become a theme in my work as I’ve progressed and I hope that you will join me on my journey to see where it goes!

9 thoughts on “About

    1. Thankyou very much! It’s one of my faves too! I saw the little dog in a car park in Gloucestershire with my mum and we both fell in love with him!!
      Carolyn and I are having an open house on 18th Feb at the cafe from 5-7pm…. please come and join us if you are free.
      It’s lovely to have your feedback.
      Best Wishes
      Cate x


  1. Hi Cate,
    We have recently purchased a wonderful piece of your artwork – ‘October Flowers ‘ from your exhibition at the Buddhist centre in Chorlton. Would it be possible for you to sign this piece as it doesn’t appear to have any signature from yourself or recognition
    that you are the artist?


    1. Hi Isaac
      That’s lovely to hear that you have bought ‘October Flower’… it’s always been my favourite!!
      I printed this edition at Hot Bed Press a few years ago and signed them under my married name Cathy Ferns, but have now reverted to my maiden name.
      Have I signed it Cathy Ferns?…….. if I have I could write a statement for you to put on the back of the print?
      Sorry to have caused confusion….
      I could pop into the Peace Cafe and write on the back.. or I could make a small statement on card that you could stick on the back(which I could send to you or drop it into the cafe?)
      Please let me know what would suit you best💐
      Yours Cate (Gibson/Ferns!)


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